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About Us

The John Muafangejo Art Centre (JMAC) is a Namibian creative think tank focused on establishing collaborative methodologies in contemporary arts practice & forging expansive networks.


The centre was established after the late John Muafangejo (1943-1987) a well-known Namibian artist. John Muafangejo art works received international recognition attributed to his narrative impact on printed works and also the graphic quality he developed in the linocut medium. The skill used enabled him to express his personal views and observations in a specific style which can be described as decorative and expressive. His artistic approach is unique and cannot be categorised within current international schools or trends. Typical African elements are obvious, namely the narrative, decorative and didactic components, which, following tradition, are designed to serve the community.

Presently JMAC is positioning itself within the arts and culture sector in Namibia, with new vitality and vision by way of exploring set objectives. In order to achieve this successful positioning, four key project areas have been identified through which JMAC is addressing the most critical needs in the sector:

  • Gallery and exhibition making
  • Curation & critical thinking
  • Residency
  • Skills, product and audience development

JMAC believes that focus on providing first class training and facilities, drawing on best practice from the region and elsewhere and employing a contemporary and interdisciplinary approach is the best mechanism by which Namibian art and artists can be fostered and transition into maturity.

To promote and provide innovative and practical visual arts programs in Namibia to enable artists to grow to their full potential and prepare them for self-empowerment.