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Our VISION is:

To promote and provide innovative and practical visual arts programs in Namibia to enable artists to grow to their full potential and prepare them for self-empowerment. 


  • To provide studio space and environment for artists to meet, share ideas, skills and experience 
  • To develop upcoming artists to improve their standard of work and become professionals 
  • To foster the entrepreneurial skills of artists 
  • To promote the awareness of Namibian visual arts 
  • To create a network of partnerships and initiatives on local, regional and international levels 


  • Creativity: Nurture creativity and innovation 
  • Excellence: Commit to constant improvement in the quality and content of our programmes and services 
  • Empowerment: Transform artists to their every potential 
  • Participation: Value the active participation in learning and doing to instil a sense of ownership 
  • Ethics: Abide by accountable governance and ethical standards 
  • Co-operation: Engage with stakeholders in programme design and delivery 
  • Sustainability: Ensure economical and social viability